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Sanborn Studios Appalled at Frivolous Lawsuit Filed by Sarasota County


Sarasota, FL, August 4, 2014 - "Sanborn Studios, LLC is appalled that the county continues to waste more of the taxpayer's money with a frivolous lawsuit and hurts the county's reputation, sending a message that Sarasota does not have a business-friendly environment.


For instance, Sanborn Studios met with county representatives several times; the news media has seen documentation of an August 9, 2013 meeting with the county. At that specific meeting, county representatives were informed that the studio had created approximately 200 full time jobs and met all contractual legal obligations. The county continues false allegations that there were never meetings and that the company is not in compliance with its contractual obligations.


How Sarasota county officials can continue to misrepresent that Sanborn Studios has not created any jobs is unbelievable…all you have to do is look at all the people working on our behind the scenes videos to see what the county is saying is simply not true.


Sanborn Studio's legal team has just received the Sarasota County lawsuit and the company will have a more complete statement in the future."


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